5 Things You Should Know Before You Book Your Ride

Whether you are a frequent chauffeured client, or you are booking for the first time, it is important to have several points to consider in order to make your experience worthwhile

1.  Type of ride:  As mentioned in our services page, we offer several types of cars tailored for your event.  If you are just going on a normal day to day event whether it is a business meeting or just meeting friends, we would advice you to choose the normal sedans.  If you are going out with your family, we would recommend you choose the SUVs we have in our flee

2.  Time:  It is of no doubt that one of the main pillars of a good service is the timing.  Being in a service that considers “time as money”, we advice you to notify us about your exact timings (+/- half an hour). 

If your dropoff/pickup is at the airport, make sure that you provide us with your flight itinerary in order to drop you off at the right terminal on the right time.

3.  Are there any extra additional fees:  Unlike many limousine services, we do not charge extra on services that are offered such as the refreshments and the Wifi Internet service.  It is all “on the house”.  Ensure that our pay system is according to the RTA system being integrated to their meter system which will guarantee a fair rate and a competitive one.




4.  Safety: Although we train our drivers on the upmost safety programs, yet we recommend that you always get the name of the driver and report to us if he wasn’t driving upon the safety standards that are expected from him.  We however assure you that your safety is our upmost concern.

 5.  Capacity:  Always make sure you know the exact number of people who will be joining your ride.  The passenger capacity is very important to us in order to provide you with the most comfortable ride.  This is the reason why we have our Family SUVs in order to make your family trips more comfortable. 


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