The Beginning

“Every individual has to perform his duty. Man is mortal, but his work is not. Therefore, work is greater than wealth.”
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan PBUH

On such word the founders of Presidential Transport by Luxury Vehicles were brought up and such beliefs were planted in them ever since they were young enough to understand the real essence of this sentence.

Both partners are Emirati, well driven and passionate about what they do. In seizing opportunities they believed and the idea of having a limousine service catered to not just tourists but also Emiratis and residents has came into action. After several months of research, Presidential Transport by Luxury Vehicles was founded under the umbrella of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Establishment for SME Development.

They value a superior customer service, and believe that safety comes first. Nevertheless, luxury is essential therefore, they made sure to choose a fleet of cars that are the latest in their range and added several services to rise the standard to a higher one. In their cars you can find things like:

  • Free WiFi
  • Magazines
  • Refreshments
  • Wet Towels

The services in Presidential Transport by Luxury Vehicles are inclusive to all activities whether it was a family trip or a business meeting or even a wedding. For further details and booking a car please click here.

Presidential Transport by Luxury Vehicles is just a first step of many dreams they both have and of which they shall seek. After all, it was our late father – Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan PBUH who said:

“I had many dreams. I dreamt of our land keeping pace with the growth of the modern world.”


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